Voting System on Reimbursement

The submitter (patient) will only be able to get the doctor to submit the medical report via DAPP, to ensure transparency and avoiding fraud, also one of the plans to build a medical blockchain data for each participant. It provides a full medical document and proof to Takaful-Chain during the process of submission, once the internal complete vetting and verified those documents, all the participants except for the submitter will receive a notification about approval for the compensation.
The vote will be collected within 24 hours and if more than 50.1% of votes for approval, the compensation will be 100% disbursed to the submitter within 60 seconds. Same goes to the other way, if the votes are below 50.1% for approval, the claiming process will be halted. The particular submitter/participant can choose to opt-in the fees to Takaful-Chain by engaging with 3rd party administrations to review the particular failed claim, or the submission will get rejected entirely.
To make voting more appealing, the participants pays a sum equivalent of reimbursement amount as compensation to those who do cast a vote:
Payments and Withdrawal
When closing of voting the server(s) prepares a set of server transactions (for ETH token) from other participants’ wallets to the claim submitter’s wallet. The server(s) capture the different of actual amount and the gaps of the amount. This difference is taken into account on the next payout so that it never exceeds a preset amount, ie.$50. The servers will approves the transaction if the remaining funds on the wallet would be sufficient to pay the participant’s compensation, if a participant may initiate a withdrawal transaction.
Each participant premium payment is calculated during the voting so that any teammate can see what his personal payment would be: