New Participant to Takaful-Chain
Takaful-Chain are welcome everyone to join as participants, however, Takaful-Chain reserves the right to approve new participants due to some circumstances. A person wanting to join the Takaful-Chain needs to submit an application. The application should contain all the information required by the Takaful-Chain rules. For example, for health coverage, it may be required to submit a health check up report, information about participants, previous medical history etc. The application must be aware about the Takaful-Chain rules. Upon receiving an application, the server will check on the new participantโ€™s risk coefficient. Similar to voting on compensation, a fair/media value is selected, I.e. The result is determined in such a way that the total weight of votes cast for risk coefficients lower than the selected one. During the internal checking period, Takaful-Chain may require additional information from the applicant. The final value of the risk coefficient is determined after the internal assessment.
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