How to Stake? 质押挖矿指南

How to Download Metamask 如何下载小狐狸(Metamask)
Click and start download 登入小狐狸官网
Select either Chome/ IOS/ Android, browser support Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge
小狐狸支持4种浏览器,IOS 和安卓手机
Completed the download, register your new account on Metamask and do not forget to transfer your token from any wallet to metamask
Click 【Network】on the top of the Metamask 点击上方选择以太坊主网
To ensure you select【Ethereum Mainnet】确保选择的是以太坊主网
Click 【Unlock Wallet】点击解锁钱包
Click 【Connect】点击连接
Select the staking pool you prefer, and click【Select】进入主页后会看到各种池子,目前支持TKF池子,UNI池子, USDT池子,wBTC池子和wETH池子.
Click 【Approve】点击批准
Memakmask will pop up a small windows on your right, and click【Confirm】在点击批准后小狐狸会弹出小窗口,点击蓝色按钮确认
Once Metamask show successfull, click on【Deposit】小狐狸确认后,请点击质押按钮
Key in the amount of weth you wish to stake, example 10 and then click 【Confirm】输入您想质押的数额,然后点击确认
Click 【Confirm】, to provide the greenlight for metamask to proceed 小狐狸会再次弹出小窗口,点击蓝色按钮确认
Once metamask approved, the following message will show up on the bottom of the browser】这时候小狐狸会弹出以下小窗口,通知交易已经确认了。
Right column is the TKF token reward you received in this pool, token will be release and reward on every ethereum block basic, eg. 18.828 TKF is the rewarded token you received 左边的18.828是您得到的质押奖励代币,一共为18.828, 奖励代币会以每区块实时发放
Click on the top of your right, 【My Account】, it will show the total TKF token is currently holding by Metamask, it will be the same quantity of token you can find when you click on Metamask 在主页的右上方,点击‘我的钱包’,窗口会弹出您账号上一共所得奖励代币, 同样的代币会显示在小狐狸的钱包上。