Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
We have proposed a Takaful-Chaim system for peer-to-peer coverage. Users of the system can create or participate, where each participant is a peer. Each participant is both are contributor and beneficial, in fact, in the compensation of a claim. To make the voting process efficient we propose chainable transparent voting, participants collectively execute/manage all functions of their participant by voting.
We will not accept the status quo but will consistently disrupt the medical industry, our next future plan will build a blockchain medical cloud solution, with oracle (API) with insurance companies to achieve scale & efficiency.
On top of that, moving forward, Takaful-Chain will transition to the community and participant control. The protocol & rights as below:
● Able to transform to new management, ie, DAO
● Able to retrieve the medical history of each participant from the cloud.
● Able to delegate which entity may set oracle (API) fees
● Able to set the riba model as per market
● Able to support, activate or inactivate a market
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